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A single journey ticket costs 37 SEK but is only valid for 75 mins of travel, so it may be worth getting a 24-hour travel card for 155 SEK. 2020-08-18 · Stockholm Subway Art Tour: A Step-by-Step Guide. Stockholm’s metro system has been dubbed the world’s longest art gallery and for good reason! 90 of its 100 subway stations are decorated over the span of 60+miles with murals, tilework, mosaics, sculptures, and more. Se hela listan på Art in the Metro of Stockholm 05 Things you should know before traveling to Stockholm, Sweden The Old Town of Stockholm is fairly small and accessible by foot but the museums found there are kind of expensive so I definitely recommend you to purchase the Stockholm Card, which includes unlimited transportation (so you can see every single Metro station) plus entrance to most museums. Art tours of the Stockholm Metro station Östermalmstorg Join in on a guided tour of the Metro station Östermalmstorg. Siri Derkert’s work for the Östermalmstorg metro station (1965) in Stockholm marked a radical change in the notion of public embellishment. When we ride the subway, most of us have drab, colorless stations in mind.

Metro stockholm art

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#tunnelbana #stockholm #sweden #metro #subway #travel #sverige #art #solnacentrum #visitstockholm #underground #stadion #stockholmmetro #station  Stockholm's Metro System – A World of Art in the Underground. I didn't expect Stockholm's metro system to be that impressive. I was prepared to  Stockholm's transit system (SL) offers a free guided-tour of all the incredible artwork in the Stockholm metro. Each line and station has a unique  Stadion - Stockholm Metro Station My friend art by Sophie-Y · Butterfly. This is Stadion, an incredible subway station in Stockholm.

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The rocks, crystal clear sea and pine trees beautifully frame the art An artsy blue and white underground metro station in Stockholm. In stark contrast to New York City's ever dismal subway transportation, Stockholm is home to what some have called the "world's longest art exhibition," i.e. Download Transit Map Stockholm and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and a unique, free guide to the world-known art of the Stockholm metro.

Metro stockholm art

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90 of its 100 subway stations are decorated over the span of 60+miles with murals, tilework, mosaics, sculptures, and more. What’s particularly interesting for Stockholm visitors is the artwork has been completed by more than 150 different artists.

Metro stockholm art

Art Consulting  Jul 9, 2012 Stockholm's underground subway art. Running 110km underground is the world's longest art exhibition, with pieces by 150 artists in more than 90  Mar 22, 2018 Subway architecture in Stockholm: The longest underground art gallery is definitely worth the experience. These are the most beautiful stops. odenplan-metro-stockholm-art-neon-lights.
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Metro stockholm art

Front Cover. Göran Söderström. Stockholmia Förlag, 2004 - Art - 328 pages. 1 Review  Velcome to SubART! Listen to stories about the art of Stockholm subway: "The world's longest art gallery" Every metro system around the world has its own  11 votes, 13 comments.

But the vast majority of the 100 stations on Stockholm's metro  Nov 13, 2013 Stockholm's Metro system is an underground art museum featuring stunning works of art by some 150 artists. STOCKHOLM SUBWAY ART: 15 BEST STATIONS TO VISIT · #1 T-Centralen · #2 Kungsträdgården: Blue Line · #3 Radhuset: Blue Line · #4  The Stockholm Metro System is known around the world as an underground art gallery.
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I know it sounds weird about spending time in underground stations. When we ride the subway, most of us have drab, colorless stations in mind. But Stockholm went another route. Go underground to visit the world's longest art 2017-02-28 Hello Everyone! Raeed Here! Stockholm metro is not only good for commuting but also it is the longest art exhibit in the world. There are around 90 stations And art is so important that Stockholm has literally covered their subway stations with art!

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The stations are also home to the world’s longest art gallery and are the center of Today the Stockholm Metro has 100 stations and more than 90 of them feature art created by over 150 artists with the support of even more civil servants, politicians, engineers and architects. Although they all form part of the same Metro, the stations and the art they contain are all very different.

What Exactly Is The Stockholm Metro Art? It’s basically what you’d imagine from the name – a series of artworks in the Stockholm metro system.